Painters Directory

    Classic Painting – Drywall and Painting
    Alain Camacho
    (865) 679-7241

    Color Changes
    Randi Hightower
    (615) 696-2811

    Marlin Painting Company
    Dan Marlin
    (615) 626-5329

    Graham Painting
    Lewis Graham
    (615) 405-1221

    Nate Blackstone
    (615) 473-7857

    Paul Dengler
    (615) 364-4668

    Puckett’s Painting
    Larry Puckett
    (615) 512-2723

    Robin Buchanan
    (615) 481-4922

    Scott Whori
    (615) 609-7755

    SouthEast Painting
    (615) 377-2337


    Please note: These recommended vendors are not members of the Nashville on the Move of Keller Williams® Realty team.  They are simply a collection of specialists in the Middle Tennessee area that our team has either worked with directly, or has been referred to by previous clients.  We are not liable for any issues resulting from the use of the products or services provided from the aforementioned vendors.