Contractors Directory

    Byerly Construction
    Jim Byerly
    (615) 478-1697
    Colclasure Company, LLC
    Ethan Colclasure
    (615) 975-9777
    Chris Song
    (615) 202-0595
    Crossroad Construction
    Richie Romine
    (615) 423-1619
    Guys and Tools
    Dane Crowder
    (574) 514-1900
    Hammond Contracts
    Benjamin Hammond
    (615) 509-5985
    HOM, Inc.
    Brad Skipper
    (615) 947-3796
    Henry Drilling
    (Geothermal & Water Well Systems)
    Henry Well Drilling
    (615) 438-8289
    Homehelp, Inc.
    Shawn Tilden
    (615) 984-4285
    Jeff Parrish
    (615) 405-1649
    Keith Hood
    (615) 417-4990
    Ric Brown
    (615) 533-4454
    Terry Holleman
    Jeff Grunga
    (615) 490-4260
    Gavin Miller
    (615) 772-8190
    L&L Contractors
    Rob Baughman
    (615) 480-0267
    Please note: These recommended vendors are not members of the Nashville on the Move of Keller Williams® Realty team.  They are simply a collection of specialists in the Middle Tennessee area that our team has either worked with directly, or has been referred to by previous clients.  We are not liable for any issues resulting from the use of the products or services provided from the aforementioned vendors.