World’s First Billboard House

    Tired of the current color of your home? Ready for a spring makeover.  How about something bright?! Maybe evern with words! Ever thought of using the front of your house as a billboard? NO? Us either, until now! is running a promotion to paint YOUR home and turn it into advertising space for at least 3 months to a year. Interested? So were we! What is the catch? They’ll pay your mortgage every month for as long as your house remains painted! Now that is a deal!

    It will probably look something like this:

    Bright colors, big words and even social media buttons! They promise to paint your house back exactly like it was and if at any time you are dissatisfied, just say the word and they’ll remove their paint job! Ready to have your mortgage paid for up to a year and possibly be the neighborhood eye-sore? Click HERE to learn more!  Want to be the World’s First Billboard House?  Register HERE.

    But for real, this is legitimate, will pay your mortgage if you let them paint your house!? Why NOT?

    So…maybe you’re not into ad-space on the front of your home, but the idea of having your house painted sparked your interest?  While we can’t pay your mortgage, we do have some pretty good painter’s that can get the paint job done… check out our vendor list here.

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