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What does the Williamson County School Redistricting Mean to You?

Residents of Williamson County as well as those shopping for real estate in Franklin, Brentwood, Spring Hill, and Fairview should brace themselves for another change in the school district lines. In an effort to slow the frequency with which public schools have been rezoned, the county launched a new kind of study with state-of-the-art software last fall to cure the over-capacity and under-capacity imbalance of public schools in the area for all grade levels. Ideally, this will mean that the schools Williamson County children attend next year will be the ones they attend for years to come, without fear of being constantly reshuffled.

School districts can affect real estate values in a number of ways. If one school is considered significantly better than another, a home in the better school’s district can be as much as 10% more valuable than a similar home in the worse district. Families with children find obvious advantages in living in good public school districts, but even those without children or whose children attend private schools will find that when it comes time to sell the house, school district matters. Often, first time homebuyers and newlyweds purchase a home with the intention of having children grow up through the local public school system. These buyers would be willing to pay a premium to live in a better school district. Hopefully, with the new technology Williamson County used to assess the current rezoning, young buyers can feel some comfort that the school district they move into will be the same one their kids will attend when they come of age.

Affected Neighborhoods:

Meade at Avalon
The Enclave
Cool Springs East
Bonbrook on Concord
Hidden Valley Estates

For more information on the latest Williamson County school district lines, visit

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