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View Properties | Here’s How: Home Buying Blog Series!

The longest but most rewarding part of the home buying process is actually viewing potential properties! Even though this process can take up to 20 -30 days it is an invaluable experience to see, feel, and narrow down potential homes you like on the market.

These days before a buyer even reaches this point they are exposed to thousands of listings, photographs, and aerial shots of neighborhoods on the internet. You have already defined your goals so make sure those are present in mind when looking for the right house.

A good tip to remember is don’t try to take in too much information at one time. It is safe to stick to seeing a max seven houses in a day. Although it is absolutely possible to see 20 houses in one day, you will get tired and start forgetting decision changing details in the long-run.

A huge part of this step is finding your perfect home. A phenomenal analogy to absorb is the “red shoe” experience. Let’s say you need a pair of red shoes so you head to the mall to find a pair. The first store you stop in you find a perfect pair. They fit right, they are stylish, and are priced right. Do you buy the shoes? Of course not, you go to other stores and try to find another pair of red shoes that are cheaper and are of the same caliber. If you can’t find one you go back to the first store and make the purchase. Do not do this when buying a house. If you have found the perfect home, buy it. In many competitive markets if you wait too long the house will be purchased fast!

Lastly, when you are looking at homes it is always a good idea to bring something to write on so you can take notes on different details, colors, and features. Later, you can go over these notes and it will allow you to remember houses much easier.

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