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Upcoming Development: Massive ‘River North’ project


river-northRiver North, a name unbeknownst to most, is soon to be home of the biggest development in Nashville’s recent history.  Chicago investors Tom Brashler and Don Allen have been buying land on the East Bank for nearly 18 years, and plan to expand their property over 100 acres in the next few weeks.  River North will house high-rise developments of offices, hotels, shopping centers, dining, and residential units.

In the second quarter of this year, work is set to start on a 40-acre lot that will be called The Landings.  The Landings is located North of the Jefferson Street bridge and plans to have a riverfront marina, plaza, parks, and a one-mile bike and pedestrian path.  Certain questions, like cost and permits, are still unanswered, but Mayor Barry says that this is development is key to utilizing downtown’s full economic potential.  Allen says that he and his firm plan to develop some of the project themselves but also plan to sell/lease the majority of the land within River North.

River North will also be the backdrop to the city’s new $20 million Top Golf development that is set to open in late summer or early fall.  Several concerns have risen about the potential flooding of this land due to the majority of it being under water in the 2010 flood.  Planners have consulted with city officials in order to develop the best way to ensure that investors will be protected.  The project will elevate streets, sidewalks, and first floors of all buildings to eliminate all possibility of flooding.  It is not known how long this project will take, but it’s expected to take several years.  Read more here.

Written by Administrative Intern Tessa Holder

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