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The Top 5 Staging “Do’s” | Your Questions Answered

Last week, we introduced out new blog series, “Your (Real Estate) Questions Answered.” Today, we are thrilled to be debuting this new series!

In case you missed it, this blog series was designed to debunk–if you will–some of the greatest, most frequently asked questions we receive regarding the real estate process. We like to think of it as our own spin on ‘Dear Abby.’

They say “go big or go home,” right? Well, we decided to go big by having our very own Jess Killingsworth tackle one of the most frequently asked questions by clients:

“How do I go about staging my home?”

The following list of staging “do’s” should help clear up any questions you may have had about staging!

1.  De-clutter, de-clutter, de-clutter.  I can’t say it enough times – when you are trying to sell your house, clutter could possibly be your #1 enemy.    It is true that sometimes a completely empty house is hard to sell, however, the same goes for a house that is full of personal items and clutter.   I suggest tackling this room by room…..spend time in each room taking inventory of what you have and what you can pack away.   You can find a nice balance of a home that doesn’t feel sterile but also allows buyers to be able to picture them living there.

2.  Clean….like your mother-in-law is coming to visit for the first time.  Potential buyers want to walk in and instantly see/smell the cleanliness of your home.  Odors can knock you over at the door….so be sure that upon entering your home, the odor is pleasant and not one of a pet, shoes, mustiness, or the kitchen trash can.  Be sure and remember that buyers will be opening your cupboards and looking in closets……which means you shouldn’t be using these spaces to hide your mess!  If your favorite de-stressing activity is cleaning more power to you, but if you cringe at the “c” word…..I suggest hiring a professional for a few hours.

3.  If it’s broke….then fix it!  Buyers will take note of every door squeak, loose cabinet knob, dripping faucet, and spot of peeling paint.   Most potential buyers (especially first time buyers) are not looking for a home with a list of projects for them to do upon moving in…..they are looking for move in ready.  Also, if your favorite color is sunshine yellow, apple red or another “non-neutral” color…you may want to spend the $$ for a gallon of neutral paint.  If you take time to fix the small basic things that come with a lived in house……you will be saving yourself the showing feedback of “sorry, my clients don’t want a house with so many little things to fix.”

4.  The outside should mirror the inside……and vice versa.  If the inside of your house is well put together, nicely decorated, de-cluttered and ready to show, but your outside looks like a hot mess…….fix it. The same goes for your curb appeal being amazing but the minute you walk inside you’re wondering if you are in the right house…..fix it.

5.  Fix your furniture……your furniture should help show your house, not take away from it.  Fixing your furniture is especially important if your house is on the smaller side……you want each room to seem as big as it possibly can.  Large furniture that dwarfs the room will never work to your advantage.  I suggest spending the money for a POD container or one to two months rent on a storage locker.  Arrange your furniture so that you are complimenting the natural flow of each room and you aren’t, in the words of  “Tommy Boy”, making your rooms feel like “a fat guy in a little coat.”

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