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THE REALITY OF THE MARKET: The Sky is not Falling

The good news is that the Real Estate Market here in Middle Tennessee is very ALIVE.

Yes – Most categories are down from 2007, but we have not seen an alarming shift in our market. General activity has slowed, and values have decreased slightly in most areas.

Many Sellers are frustrated because of lack of showings on their houses. We believe that this is due to a few factors. The US and Global economic news as reported by an hyper-active media plus an abundance of inventory available are slowing things . . .

Add to that the fact that Buyers are doing more and more of their research on the internet and actually walking into fewer houses before they buy . . . and the Sellers feel like their houses are being ignored.

What we know for sure from this research is that Houses ARE Selling . . . and Buyers ARE buying and that the sky has not fallen (and we do not anticipate that it will any time soon).

This is a SUPERB time to be in the market to BUY a house . . . and can be an equally superb time to sell a house. If you or anyone you know are contemplating a move but are hesitant to jump into such an apparently fragile market, we hope you will contact us to arrange a time for us to meet with you so we can explore your unique scenario and help you discover the options this market presents.

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