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The $39,000 Tax Credit.

Now is the best time for you to borrow money to purchase that house you’ve been looking at since the tax credit…Forget the $8,000 tax credit for first-time home buyers, get $39,000 instead!  You could save about $39,000, over 30 years, on a $180,000 loan, now, compared to three months ago when the tax-credit deadline hit. Interests rates are the lowest they have been in over 30 years.   Currently, money is practically on sale!!

“Take that $180,000 loan, a few months ago the interest rate for a 30-year fixed-rate loan was around 5.375 percent.  At that rate, the principal and interest on the monthly note was $1,007.95.

Today, at 4.375 percent, the monthly note would be $898.71, for a savings of $109.24 a month. Over 30 years, the loan costs $39,326 less.  So, if your upset because you missed out on the tax credit, don’t be! You could practically get a $39,000 tax credit.

Contemplating buying a house for the first time? This is the best time since before you were born!   If you’d like more information about interest rates or the home- buying process, contact us! at or

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