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    Tennessee Aquarium | Nashville & Abroad

    It may seem like an activity you did as a kid but with the winter coming full-swing, spend sometime indoors at the Tennessee Aquarium!

    The Tennessee Aquarium is rated by locals and visitors alike as Chattanooga’s top attraction. Not only does this “daycation” offer incredible aquatic exhibits it showcases many different animals as well. The aquarium boasts that it offers a close-up look of the journey to the ocean. Starting with a single raindrop, moving to the creek, then entering the river, and finally emptying in the ocean the aquarium shows it all.

    The Discovery Hall exhibit features vibrantly colored sunfish and lake sturgeon. Visitors can also see the nation’s largest salamander, the hellbender, which breathes through its skin, and a variety of tree frogs that chirp and call around them.

    In the River Giant exhibit, there is a collection of bizarre-looking Wallago Catfish and giant freshwater stingrays. This exhibit feeds the primal need that leads people to wonder what’s lurking below the waters of any large river or lake.

    The Tropical Cove brings visitors into its tropical rainforest paradise with its lush, colorful flowers, welcoming greenery, bird songs, cascading waterfall and unique touch stations. Guests are captivated by freshwater stingrays as the sounds of unique birdcalls echoe in the room.

    The Boneless Beauties is where you can take a look at the world of invertebrates. Here the aquarium he Aquarium showcases some of the most fascinating and bizarre animals on earth, including the wondrous, Giant Pacific Octopus, the hovering, squid-like Cuttlefish and the electrifying jellyfish.

    The aquarium offers a plethora of other exhibits ranging from Stingray Bay, to the Butterfly Garden, Penguin’s Rock, Secret Reef, Mississippi Delta, and Appalachian Cove forest. Whatever type of animal or aquatic creature you think you might want to see is here.

    The aquarium is located at One Broad Street, Chattanooga, TN 37402. Tickets are sold from 10 am – 6 pm.


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