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    Week six of our Serve Nashville blog series is focusing on ways in which we can serve low-income youth and individuals and provide stability for them amidst any turmoil that may exist in their lives. The two nonprofits that we are spotlighting today are both organizations doing incredible work in supporting this community, Rejoice Ministries and Lambscroft.

    Rejoice Ministries

    Rejoice Ministries is a nonprofit located here in Nashville with a mission to provide an excellent dance education with a Christian focus for children from low-income families.

    Rejoice Ministries began back in 1999 by Patricia Cross, a former dancer, teacher, choreographer and director of dance. Cross had spent years of teaching in commercial schools and college programs and began to realize that there existed so many youth who were unable to pay for such classes, and she felt called by God to start a program for those children.

    At Rejoice, hundreds of young students have the opportunity to study ballet and other dance techniques taught by professional instructors and perform at professionally produced recitals.  Through dance training, children learn discipline, teamwork, how to set and attain goals and experience the joy of movement. Children involved in an after school arts program led by caring and talented instructors are more likely to do better in school and less likely to get involved in risky behaviors.

    Are you interested in supporting Rejoice Ministries? There are several ways to do so. As with most nonprofits, the first and foremost way you can support is through financial giving. Rejoice is made possible because of the generous gifts of so many volunteers and financial donors. If you feel led to donate, visit here to learn more. Donations are accepted through PayPal or mail.

    Another way to support Rejoice Ministries is by volunteering. There are several opportunities to lend a hand within this nonprofit, including being a dance assistant, office assistant, or helping with the many events that are hosted throughout the year (the Fairytale Adventure event,  Once Around the Block Kids Consignment Sale, and Dance Marathon to name a few!) To read more about what each volunteer position entails, visit here. If you are interested in learning more about Rejoice Ministries or volunteering your time this holiday season, visit their website here or call at (615) 831-5522.


    In short, Lambscroft can be best explained through its mission: “To bring the poor, spiritually bankrupt and/or financially destitute into a safe environment, providing immediate shelter, while entering earnestly into learning skills necessary for the restoration of their entire being.” However, this loaded mission is best understood by learning about all of the parts that in whole, make up this Nashville nonprofit. The parts that make up Lambscroft are: 5 and 2, a worship ministry; C.I.T.Y., Church In The Yard; The Cookery, a culinary training center; Restorative Education Classes, Sanctuary Houses, places of discipleship and a safe place; and the Upper Room, a men’s overnight shelter.

    As you can see, Lambscroft does a lot with its time and mission and seeks to serve many people at their many points of need. Through the six parts of its mission that we listed above, Lambscroft supports the needs of many individuals, many of them low-income or homeless, and helps them get back on their feet by providing them with whatever that means for each individual.

    Right now, Lambscroft is experiencing a high-volume of overnight guests and with that comes with immediate needs so that they are able to accommodate each guest. If you are interested in supporting this nonprofit, some simple ways to do so many be to provide one or a few of the following items:

    • Air Mattresses (or Walmart gift cards to purchase them)
    • Blankets
    • Pillows
    • Pillow Protectors and Pillow Cases
    • Men’s Underwear, sizes M-XXXL
    • Men’s Socks
    • Long Sleeve Shirts and Sweaters

    Other items that are needing at an ongoing basis are:

    • Paper and Plastic Cups
    • Sugar
    • Milk
    • Walmart + Kroger gift cards

    Donations are, of course, accepted, but if you wanted to lend a hand and get involved in ways other than financial gifts, there are ways you can do so. The first thing to do if you are interested in giving your time to Lambscroft is to read more in-depth about each of their ministries. Visit their website and click the tab “What We Do” to do so. Hopefully doing so will give you an idea of what area you are interested in serving in, so you can email the contact listed for each ministry. From there, the contact will get in touch with you and get you connected in no time.

    To read more about Lambscroft and all they do, visit their website here.

    Thanks for tuning in to our Serve Nashville blog series! Last week: Supporting Africa. Next week: Nonprofits providing healthy food options to low-income communities. | Want to stay connected? Like us on Facebook+  follow us on Twitterand Instagram. And, as always, check out our current homes for sale in the Nashville area.

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