Realtors, Why You Got to be Hating?

    Allen-5As a realtor, the best thing that ever happens is getting an email or phone call from another agent saying he/she has an offer for your listing. This is a very happy day, regardless of the amount of the offer. It is a better offer than you had yesterday because yesterday you didn’t have an offer. And no matter what the offer is, you know it is not the final price the buyers are willing to pay. This is how almost every negotiation begins, and every time this happens with one of my listings, I am just thankful for the opportunity to start the negotiations.

    Lately, I have had some bad experiences with agents that are the opposite of thankful when they receive offers from my buyers. This baffles me! I admit I bring some pretty low offers to the table sometimes, but that shouldn’t offend other agents or make them mad. I am just representing my clients and trying to get them the best price for the house they want. The low offers I present create opportunities for other agents, and they are not representing their clients well if they don’t do everything they can to get both sides of the deal to meet terms.

    The part of this that sends me to the couch is that you just never know what the response will be. If I put in two separate offers for $175,000 on two separate houses both listed for $200,000, one agent thanks me dearly and begins working with his client, but the other goes off in a rage about how the offer is ridiculous and then proceeds to tell me how to do my job. Is anger really the appropriate response in this situation, and is how I do my job even relevant? I’m giving them and their client the opportunity to counter the offer however they want to do so, and instead of doing exactly that, they get mad and want to argue. They should be excited to give their client the offer and begin crafting a counter.

    The biggest issue in this scenario is that the rage of the agent is then relayed to their client, causing the seller to think that maybe their agent’s anger is warranted. The client begins to think, “I should be offended, and I am not going to counter this offer at all,” or “I’ll counter but only in the most minimal way possible.” Many times this halts all negotiations and causes the deal to implode.

    I think the root of the problem is pride. Some realtors act like their pride has been stepped on when they are presented with a low offer, but there is no room for pride in this profession. We are supposed to be the objective ones, always representing our clients to the best of our ability. And if you let your pride get in the way, it might cause your client to miss out on an opportunity to sell their house. Please don’t let this happen. Let’s work together to negotiate deals that result is sales, no matter where they may start.


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