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Proposed Landfill in Bellevue Causing Stir | Nashville News

A proposed construction and demolition landfill in Bellevue is causing quite a stir for residents in the neighborhood, who are trying to halt its existence.

The landfill, which would be in conjunction with a Metro Public Works recycling center, is said to have plans to be eco-friendly and accommodating to West Nashvillians as it will help clean up the area. It would  be located just 300 feet from some homes in the neighborhood. A convenience center accepts household waste and recyclable material such as mattresses, carpets, aluminum, glass and more. A construction and demolition landfill, however, can process large quantities of commercial debris, crush concrete, chip wood, and manage waste steel products.

Concerned neighbors in the West Nashville area are meeting today with members of the Board of Zoning Appeals, which will hear from both sides. If the appeal is successful, the developer will move forward to seek approval for the landfill from the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation. Neighbors, however, are hoping the developer will let go of his plans and understand the needs and wants of the neighborhood.

Neighbors are not the only ones concerned about the proposed landfill. The Harpeth River Watershed Association, which works to preserve and restore the ecological health of the Harpeth River and sits just over two miles from the proposed landfill site, says that the landfill is too close to the river and could cause contamination.

We will keep you updated on this changing situation as the Board will meet today with both sides to make a decision. What are your thoughts on the landfill in the Bellevue area? Leave us a comment below and ring in to this current Nashville news issue.


Update – June 27, 2012:

On Tuesday, Developer Mickey Mitchell threw out his plans for the construction waste landfill in Bellevue, after former Metro Public Works Director Billy Lynch retracted his support. Bellevue neighbors had been rallying their opposition in recent weeks, even hiring an attorney to support their case. Their victories started tallying up last week when the zoning appeals board deferred a vote on the landfill because it wanted to hear opinions from both sides. Today the residents of the area can breath easy knowing their will no longer be plans for a landfill in their neighborhood.

What do you think about the decision? Are you glad that Mitchell retracted his plans? Let us know in the comment section below.

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