Pinterest Fever!

    We have recently come down with a terrible (or amazing!) obsession with Pinterest. If you aren’t familiar with it, Pinterest is an online pinboard for its members to share and organize things they love.

    Things they love… these things can really be anything! In order to stay organized, you can create different pinboards for different categories. For instance, our Nashville on the Move Pinterest page has 12 boards. Each board represents a different category of pins so that we can keep our ideas and inspirations organized. We have a board titled “Decor Inspiration.” Here, we post pins we have found and shared that portray really cool and unique ways to decorate your home! Another board we have is called, “Outdoor Spaces,” where we place pins that show patios, porches, decks, and backyards that strike our fancy. There’s 10 more boards where that came from, so check out our page to see the rest!

    Pinterest is certainly not limited to home design and decor. Categories of pins cover everything from A-Z, including fitness, gardening, pets, products, technology, cars and motorcycles, art, travel, history… and the list goes on and on!

    At first, we just thought Pinterest was a really cool way to spend time and see cool ideas. But then we realized it is so much more. It is a great reference tool for decor and design ideas to decorate and renovate new houses. Or, for those building their dream homes (either in your head or in real life!)  it offers unique and amazing features to be built in to homes that you otherwise might not think of! The inspiration that Pinterest offers makes it so much fun and easy to accommodate every style and budget, from DIY to unlimited funds.

    Here are some awesome ideas we’ve collected from Pinterest and have on our pin boards:

    Not only does Pinterest offer a way to keep ideas and inspirations organized, but it’s a social network. As a community, pins are posted for all to see. There, other “pinners” can re-pin on to their boards and share what they like from other members. Users an also comment on and “like” pins that others have posted.

    Lastly, Pinterest understands how important it is for credit to be given where credit is due. When you click on an imagine to view it, pin it, or like it, it brings you to a page where the image is linked back to the website in which it originated, this way businesses and artists alike will be given the credit they deserve for the creative ideas posted on the website.

    We really can’t sing Pinterest’s praises enough! If you aren’t a member already, become one today and be sure to follow us and join in on the fun!

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