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    New York to Nashville | Local Artisans

    As with most entrepreneurial endeavors, New York to Nashville was the product of a small idea that grew into a business plan.  Danielle Romero had been selling vintage clothing through an eBay storefront, but recognized that not all pieces were worthy of a sale, yet the fabrics were interesting and a shame to be put to waste.

    At this point, creativity kicked in and Romero realized the potential of taking the fabric from the shirts and transforming it into pocket squares.

    Romero, a creative artisan herself, recognizes that every article of vintage clothing has a story to tell.  With this idea in mind, she ensured that no pocket square in her collection was left without a story.  Each piece is given a moniker inspired by a famous—or infamous—fictional or historical male character and a story to go along with it.

    While Romero takes a deep interest into all of her creations, she is especially pleased with the opportunity to craft pocket squares from vintage buffalo plaid flannel that get back to the rough-and-tumble frontiersmen that represent Tennessee’s history.  This also happens to be why New York to Nashville’s pocket squares are so unique.  Rather than generic, cookie-cutter, silk pocket squares, Romero’s are a form of experimentation with Nashville’s culture and roots.  These experimental pieces finally make it possible to pair a pocket square with a corduroy or jean jacket and are all limited-run unique pieces, which will save you from an awkward run-in with a pocket-square-twin.

    As we all know, Nashville is an easy city to fall in love with, and Romero experienced this first-hand when she and her husband moved from New York to East Nashville for her to attend graduate school at Vanderbilt.  She was immediately inspired by the look and feel of the city and the support and encouragement the neighborhoods show to local artisans.  Romero’s work can be found in a few East Nashville locations—State Nashville and Hello Boys—as well as in KORE+Nashville in Edgehill Village, Local Honey on Belmont Boulevard and online in her Etsy store.

    For those of you looking to strike a deal, we hear Romero loves Sweet 16th in East Nashville so much that she could be persuaded to trade some pocket squares for a breakfast biscuit sandwich.  But that may be just a rumor.  One thing we do know for sure, though, is that contrary to the belief that pocket squares are just for weddings and business meetings, Romero has proven that they can be the perfect way to complete a casual, everyday outfit.

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