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New rule for house hunting: Act Fast

If you are a potential homeowner in Nashville, the first piece of advice is to have a plan in mind and act fast!

Many people looking to buy or sell a house suffer from anxiety rooted in questions such as, what if I sell my home and have nowhere to go? Or what if someone beats me to the house of my dreams? All are valid reasons to feel fear when it comes to real estate, however, they should not deter you from entering the market whether buying or selling.

Inventory in the market is low. We at Nashville on the Move have published blogs describing the current state of the real estate market in the this fashion, recently. The inventory may be low but it is not zero. There are two lists to keep in mind when weeding through the potential homes in Nashville.

The first list are the things that are absolute musts for your home. This could be anything from number of bedrooms to an island in the kitchen. The second list is a wish list. This should a list of things that you ultimately would like to have but can give up if need be to get the must haves on your other list. These lists can be given to your realtor so they can narrow down available properties and make the best decisions for you.

The key is being prepared to buy before you start looking. One of the biggest disappointments is finding a dream house and realizing it is already under contract. Use your realtor to get you set up with the best mortgage providers for your needs to get pre-approved. Being pre-approved allows you to act faster in making an offer on a property and keeps you from venturing into houses that are out of your price range. It also helps prevent the threat of someone making an offer and stealing the house you want.

The Middle Tennessee housing market is one of the best in the nation right now! Even though, October is the month for scares, stick to these simple tips and there is nothing to be afraid of when entering the housing market. Happy Hunting!


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