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New 10th Avenue South Project Approved

This is the location of the new development, currently:

This is what the proposed project will look like:

Here are the facts:

1. This site was discussed numerous times in neighborhood meetings over a one year plus period during the 12South Detailed Design Neighborhood Plan process. The community identified it as an ideal location for a small neighborhood scale mixed use development

2. The scale and size of the building is very appropriate for the site. The height of the building will be lower than the 1 ½ story house that sits to the north of the property. The building will be 13,600 square feet. Three duplexes, similar to those currently being built would be around 18,000 square feet…nearly 4500 square feet larger!! This building would be similar in length to the Belmont Dallas building or the Mixed Use Building on Granny White across from Lipscomb.

3. There are 31 parking spaces ON-SITE which is adequate according to the metro planning UZO guidelines. Additionally, 10th avenue is an extra wide street (originally designed for street cars) and there is 450 linear feet in front of the Waverly Belmont School which would allow for additional parking if needed.

4. The maximum size a restaurant or café could be is 2000 square feet (similar in size to the Cooper Kettle on Granny White which is 1800 square feet.)

5. NO business can stay open later than 10PM.

Other useful information:

-We envision small locally owned businesses such as a café or diner, produce place, ice cream or snow balls, bakery, gallery, etc…

-This is for the entire community! If the neighbors don’t support the businesses here, they won’t succeed; therefore, it is of utmost importance that the types of businesses are what the neighbors want!

-We will be setting an example of how to grow responsibly by using an excellent design, quality materials and constructing a building that suits modern day needs but will blend as if it has been there for years.

-10, 20, even 100 years from now, this small retail building will still be standing and being enjoyed by the community like the old retail buildings from the 1920’s and 1930’s (Paris Bldg, Dallas & Belmont Building, Granny White Mixed Use Buildings)

-This development would serve as a traffic calming measure. What do you do when you are driving down the street and notice something new and or interesting?? You slow down! Also, it is a well known fact that when cars are parked curb side and there are pedestrians in the area, it serves to slow down traffic.

-One of Mayor Carl Dean’s initiatives is to make Nashville “the greenest city in the southeast”. By using existing infrastructure & building on an infill lot, we would be fulfilling a core tenant of green development.

-Additionally, we would be salvaging an existing structure and hope to incorporate other green technologies in this project

-This would be a great place to walk to, congregate and will create a sense of community!

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