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    Nashville’s Yazoo Brewing Company looking to possibly expand

    Nashville’s own Yazoo Brewing Company has seen a major increase in sales over the past year.  Sales of a beer brewed in Nashville have surged upwards by nearly 50 percent. The Yazoo Brewing Company wants to expand its small 10-man operation as craft beer sales around the country grow exponentially. In an interview with WPLN, Yazoo founder Linus Hall shared that the company has contemplated expanding into Mississippi because of its high demand from the Southeast.  Yazoo is a young company, only being opened 8 years with a small staff of 10 employees.

    Hall fears that once they expand and put money into the development, the market will suddenly cool off, leaving Yazoo stuck with unused equipment and wasted money.  He explains, “We’re contemplating putting a lot of money into expansion and more capacity and if all the sudden the market falls off, we’ll be stuck with a lot of equipment we can’t use.”  Before expanding, Hall “wants to see if this growth is sustainable.”  This week Yazoo Brewing Co. has been brainstorming ideas with the help of college students and recent graduates at Vanderbilt’s Accelerator Business Institute.

    Yazoo is not the only Nashville company receiving help from the Vanderbilt Summer program.  Other companies include the Nashville Predators hockey team and Mars Petcare.  In recent years, students in the program have come up with marketing plans for Bridgestone Americas and Arrington Vineyards.  Hopefully the program’s students will be able to come up with a marketing plan for Yazoo’s expansion, leaving demand in the Southeast satisfied and Hall confident in his decision (source).

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