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Mocha Club | Nashville Nonprofits

Mocha Club is a non-profit that many of our clients, both past and present, are involved in and support. The Mocha Club works to “redefine the coffee break,” and communities are empowered to come together and be connected with a community in Africa. By giving up $7 a month, (the cost of 2 mochas), you are able to see a direct tie between the money you are giving up and where, and to whom, it goes.

Individuals are encouraged to join together with their friends and family to support a community together. Groups can choose what types of projects to support and the Mocha Club will send you and your team monthly updates through blogging and videos so you never have to question how your money is being spent.

Mocha Club is unique in that they offer several ways to help Africa through different project categories. Categories include Education, Clean Water, HIV/Aids + Healthcare, Orphan Care + Vulnerable Children, and Women at Risk. Teams are able to choose a project that speak to their heart and their passions and see their donations change a community in need.

Mocha Club understands that for some, a monthly contribution may not be a option, so they also include Emergency Needs on their website where one-time donations will save lives of those experiencing an immediate and urgent need. Emergency needs can be addressed with the one-time contribution, and while contribution amounts range, all are under $10.

For instance, right now the most severe drought in over 60 years is threatening the lives of millions in people in Africa. For just $6, a family will be provided with food delivery and vital assistance for one month and you will be updated on the progress in the region during this crisis.

Or, many hospitals and medical clinics in Ethiopia were found to be barren of proper and lifesaving medical equipment, and for just $1, $18 worth of medical equipment will be shipped to a clinic or hospital in need.

We are abundantly blessed here in the U.S. with as much clean water as we desire, however millions who reside in rural areas in Africa go without clean water each and every day. Moreover, drinking unsanitary water is cause for more deaths yearly than all forms of violence. By contribution just $7, clean water will be provided for five Africans for one year.

Giving back during the holiday season does not have to break the bank. Giving a one-time or monthly donation of less than $10 will transform the lives of those who need it and you will be able to see the progress of your donation each step of the way.
For more information about Mocha Club, visit their website at

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  • Ginger Glass
    Written on

    A man at my church asked me for the address and telephone number so he could make a donation to build wells in Africa. Thank you for your help!!


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