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    Miriam Designs | Local Artisans

    About a year ago, Gracie Moakler was inspired by a woman she met from Thistle Farms who had endured a life of drugs and prostitution and came out on top—the woman is now making a life for herself off of the streets.  The word “hope” resonated with Gracie after hearing this woman’s story, so she hammered the word onto a necklace for her.  All it took was that first gift for Gracie to realize that she had a passion for making jewelry.

    Over time, Gracie realized the opportunity she now had to create jobs for these women who had survived life on the streets.  Gracie explained that, “as women, we are made to create and we are made to know we are beautiful and whole.”  What began as just a gift to a new friend is now Miriam Designs, a company that can achieve Gracie’s goal of employing women who have survived life on the streets and helping all women see that they are beautiful and whole.

    The beauty of Miriam Designs is the honesty behind its goal.  The company—open only since March 1, 2013—is already making large strides towards its mission.  So far Miriam Designs consists of a team of four: Gracie, of course, and Ronza, Monique, and Melba.  In addition to employing these women, a few months ago Miriam Designs took winter care packages and some pieces from their jewelry line to women still on the streets.

    Based out of East Nashville, Gracie enjoys being within walking distance of Portland Brew, Rumours, and Silly Goose.  And now that we’ve brought up Silly Goose, we might as well mention that is where Gracie ate the night she got engaged to her now husband, Steve!  Who can blame her for naming it as her favorite Nashville restaurant?

    If you want to support Miriam Designs’ amazing initiative and help them continue to employ vulnerable women, visit their website.  And honestly, once you’ve browsed the site, it’s quite difficult to not make a purchase—every piece is beautiful and inspiring.  Gracie especially recommends the “Simplicity” piece, which is one of her favorites.  We definitely suggest hopping over to the site and helping support such an inspiring local artisan!  Lastly, be sure to contact Gracie if you are interested in hosting a Miriam Designs trunk show!

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