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    Located in Crossville, Tenn., Horace Burgess’ treehouse stands tall and is joked to be the only penthouse in Cumberland County.

    Horace Burgess says he felt called by God in 1993 to build the treehouse, and that he would never run out of material. Determined to answer the call, he began to build a treehouse and 14 years later, construction is still ongoing and with only $12,000 spent so far, the treehouse has already earned the titled of world’s biggest.

    The treehouse is built around an 80-foot tall white oak tree with a diameter of 12 feet. The wooden creation itself is 97 feet tall, with 10 floors averaging nine to 11 feet in height each. The house is supported by six other surrounding trees, acting like pillars to the supersized tree house.

    Burgess has constructed the house out of only salvaged materials found in garages, storage sheds and barns and estimates the space to be around 8,000 to 10,000 square feet in total, an estimation on his part. What he does not have to estimate, however, is the number of nails he has personally hammered in to the house, 258,000, he says confidently.

    The treehouse welcomes about 400-500 visitors each day, most who have heard about it from family and friends or seen news stories online, as this unique construct has begun to garner the attention of the media and passerby.

    For more information about the treehouse or directions to visit, see here.

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