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    Job Growth | Nashville: The ‘It’ City

    First GQ called us ‘Nowville,’ then Conde Naste Traveler listed us as a ‘must-visit city.’ Soon after, The New York Times hopped on board, dubbing Nashville the nation’s newest “It City.” Not long after those articles had been published did Nashville make Huffington Post’s list of 20 cities that are ‘must-visits’ in your 20s. These days, Nashville is no stranger to receiving glowing reviews in big time publications. No longer just ‘Music City,’ in more recent times, people are beginning to understand something we have long know about this place we call home: that it is overall just a really cool, unique and awesome place to be.

    Join us in our Nashville: The ‘It’ City blog series as we give our top 10 reasons that Nashville is indeed the ‘it’ city that many have dubbed it. This week is week one of our new series! Read on for the first of our 10 reasons that we love Nashville.

    How do we love Nashville? Let us count the ways…

    Reason #4: Job Growth!

    Nashville has recently gained exposure for its evergrowing job market. Sites such as Forbes, The Daily Beast, and Quantum Workplace have all hailed Nashville for its success.

    Nashville was named the No. 2 city for jobs this past summer by Forbes. In a ManpowerGroup survey released by Forbes, 18,000 employers in 100 metropolitan statistical areas were surveyed on hiring and firing expectations. Twenty-eight percent of employers had plans to hire, while 66 percent had plans to keep the current level and only 3 percent and plans to cut positions. The cost-of-living in Nashville is just 88 percent of the national average and the per capita income is 109 percent of the national average, which gives Nashvillians more discretionary funds compared to other cities.

    Quantum Workplace named Nashville No. 7 in its annual “Top 10 Best Cities to Work” list.  The list named the following cities in the Top 10 list: Charlotte, NC; Denver, CO; Sacramento, CA; San Antonio, TX; Washington, D.C.; Austin, TX; our own favorite, Nashville; Baltimore, MD; Boston, MA; and Miami-Dade, FL. Quantum Workplace is based in Omaha, Nebraska and surveyed nearly 400,000 employees to compile the 2013 report.  Quantum’s process includes science-based tools used to measure and manage employee engagement, loyalty, and retention.

    Under30CEO named Nashville #5 in the large cities category within their “Top 30 Best Cities for Young Entrepreneurs 2013” poll. They said that as the “home of country music”, Nashville has become a major music recording and production center. The city is home to major schools like Vanderbilt University, Tennessee State University and Belmont University. The city also has a low cost of living and a median age of 34.2 years old. This makes it an attractive spot for young business owners along with it’s growing population.

    The Daily Beast said Nashville is among the top cities when it comes to attracting ambitious citizens. The website ranked the country’s top “aspirational cities” — it also called them “magnets of opportunity” — placing Nashville at No. 6 on the list. The list was topped by Austin, followed by New Orleans and Houston. To compile the list, The Daily Beast focused on economic indicators like employment growth and per capita income, demographic factors like growth among immigrant residents and quality-of-life factors like traffic congestion.

    Forbes also named Nashville the #7 city creating the most middle-class jobs. There has been a 0.9% increase in middle-class jobs in the Nashville area and there were 263,022 middle skill jobs in 2013 alone. Also, two Middle Tennessee counties have been named to CNN Money’s “Where the Jobs Are” list. Rutherford County came in at #11, with 10.9 percent job growth in 2010-2012, and Sumner County came in at #18, with 9.3 percent job growth in 2010-2012.

    As you can see, the job growth in Nashville has been booming over the last few years and seems to only be getting bigger. That’s why it’s no surprise to us that so many people love to call Nashville home.

    Thanks for tuning in to our Nashville: The ‘It’ City blog series! | Next week: Reason #6: The Great Outdoors | Want to stay connected? Like us on Facebook +  follow us on Twitter and Instagram. And, as always, check out our current homes for sale in the Nashville area.

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