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Is Your Realtor Paying Attention, or Are you Paying for His Laziness??

I recently helped a great young couple purchase their first home in Nashville! In the past few years I have really grown to love helping first-time buyers make the plunge into home-ownership. New buyers are typically so eager and excited, they love looking at homes (even the bad ones) and they love learning about the process of buying! They’re so impressed when I shed light onto something they “just hadn’t thought of yet” , and as an agent, of course, this makes me feel like the seasoned professional who’s been there…done that…and can handle any situation that might come their way!…Then there are the situations that you don’t expect as an agent.

So this young couple made their offer on a home they had fallen in love with! We negotiated late into a Friday evening with the sellers, finally coming to terms after 3-4 phone calls and a few dinner interruptions. A few days later, their inspection was complete and there were some mid-level concerns they needed to ask the seller to repair. After a couple more phone calls, a roof and plumbing estimate, and a signed agreement by the sellers to make the repairs, my young buyers were off to closing!

Then came our final walk-through. Every agent should allow buyers the chance to make one last walk through the home to be sure it’s in the condition they expect to receive it at closing. ESPECIALLY when a seller has agreed to make repairs! This time, however, my buyers found the home in nearly the same condition as it was on the day of their initial inspection. Oh, the sellers said they had completed our checklist of repairs. I had even confirmed with their agent before meeting my buyers at the house. But in the end, the seller’s agent had not checked the repairs himself and they were, in fact, NOT DONE.

Long story short, my buyers ended up getting from the seller nearly $1000 at closing (based on their earlier estimates) for the repairs. I spoke with the seller’s agent the day of closing and he told me, “my seller is not happy…” to which I replied, “my buyers are!” And at the end of the day, so was I!

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