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    I have called Nashville home for the past 10 years…..I love Nashville because, as you may have heard, it feels like a Big Small town, or a Little Big Town or …wait….that’s a country group.  I love Nashville because I can drive 10 minutes and be in the most beautiful countryside I’ve ever seen.  I love Nashville because of the PEOPLE- the warmest, most real, most interestingly diverse grouping of people outside of New York City.  I love Nashville because it’s a melting pot of people and ideas, but also it has deeply-rooted traditions that keep it real and classic.

    Being an Independent Singer/Songwriter in Nashville is like being an ‘Actor’ in Los Angeles- it’s not unique at all and everyone kind of rolls their eyes when you tell them what you do, then they proceed to ask you what you do for MONEY.  In some ways this is AWESOME because, being surrounded by others doing the same thing creates an incredible energy, but on the other hand conversation can get a little myopic at times.  With so many other people independently employed in this town, there seems to be a culture of Entrepreneurship, and that keeps things creative and lively.

    There are a number of small business owners who are really ‘getting it right’ and therefore they keep raising the bar for others and, at the end of the day everyone in Nashville benefits from that.  One of my favorite local spots who “get it right” is the 12th South Taproom…..it’s our neighborhood’s version of “Cheers”.

    I live in the 12th South neighborhood…I love my neighborhood because it’s such a tight-knit community within the “big city.”  I see friends all the time and I can walk to most of my favorite spots.  It’s really one of the only neighborhoods in Nashville where you don’t need a car.

    I tell everyone I meet outside of Nashville to move here- the cost of living is reasonable, the energy of the city is magnetic, and the allure of the country is undeniable. There really is something here for everyone!

    -Matt Wertz
    Matt Wertz
    Photo: Micah Kandros

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