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Flood Damage? We are here to help!

Today’s bright sunshine and clear blue sky come as a relief after a devastating weekend of rainfall and flooding throughout Nashville.  The total rainfall in Nashville reached 13 inches by Sunday, doubling the previous record from 1979.  The team here at the Perry Property Group has been extremely fortunate to escape the weekend safe and dry.  However, we know that many of our friends and their families have not been so lucky.

If you need assistance in any way please do not hesitate to contact us!  Our office number is (615) 760-5393.  In this time of great need the Perry Property Group is here to lend a helping hand.

Additionally, here are some helpful links and tips for returning home and dealing with flood damage:

  • Get a copy of Repairing Your Flooded Home issued by FEMA and the Red Cross for detailed instruction on every step of the repair process.  This is available online at
  • As soon as you enter your home turn off your electricity at the main fuse or breaker box, even if electricity has not been restored to your neighborhood.  This will allow you to avoid any dangerous situations while assessing the damage to your home and beginning the cleaning process.
  • When in doubt throw it out!  Even if you have minimal water damage, if anything from food to medicine to plastic utensils appears to have been in contact with floodwater put it in the garbage.  It is better to be safe then sorry when it comes to contamination.
  • Visit our vendor page at for names and numbers technicians to assist you in all the repairs your home may need including mold removal, drywall repair, roofing, and water-proofing for the future.
  • For additional information and assistance contact the Nashville Red Cross at (615) 250-4300 or visit their website at

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