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We have to admit that our newfound love for Pinterest has inspired the DIY bug in us! Making fun and unique changes in your home doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. With just a little effort and maybe a power tool or two, those dream changes in your home can be made possible if you do-it-yourself!

Here are some  favorite projects on our DIY list…

1. Sliding Barn Door

This blog featured complete step-by-step posts on how they added a fun sliding barn door to replace the boring door that opened between their bedroom and bathroom. How cool is that?!

This project is suited for those who are comfortable with power tools and getting their hands dirty – but it is possible to do for a price a lot cheaper than buying one and having it installed from a store.

To see their step-by-step instructions, visit here (part 1) and here (part 2).

2. Chalkboard Paint – in any color!

Chalkboard paint isn’t a new idea, but a lot choose to forego the idea unless they are open to the idea of having a slate black wall in their home.

Well, we recently came across a page on good ‘ol Martha Stewart’s website that explains how to make chalkboard paint in any color under the sun! How practical is that calendar painted on the wall with different shades of chalkboard paint? See here for step-by-step instructions on how to transform your favorite paint color into chalkboard paint.

3. DIY Chevron Stripes

Chevron seems to be all the rage right now, and it is admittedly a trend we love to see! It’s such a fun departure from plain, solid horizontal stripes but still gives a clean, simple look to any room.

This blog post gives amazing step-by-step instructions (with very helpful photos along the way) on how to create perfect chevron stripes on any wall all by yourself. Check it out here.

Although DIY can be fun for those who are willing to make mistakes and learn along the way, for others, the process can be grueling and the frustrations may not be worth the end result and saved dollars.

If you are one who would categorize yourself as the second type of person, then we also have some greater vendors that we have personally worked with that we are happy to recommend to you. We find these businesses and individuals to be trustworthy and wonderful to work with. To see our complete list of recommended vendors, visit our Vendors page here.

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