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Dalman Supply Company | Local Artisans

One of the most widely used phrases in the entrepreneurship world is “find a need and fill it.”  To start off our Local Artisan blog series, we wanted to focus on Jon Dalman, who wasted no time in filling the need he found.

As the story goes, Dalman was simply in the market for a new bike lock.  Discouraged after losing the key to two separate locks, he decided to fashion his own bike lock out of cable, rope, and a leather-covered padlock, and thus Dalman Supply Company was born.

However, as every start-up artisan has learned, the very first product is never the final product.  Since his initial lock created in December 2011, Dalman has continually improved his design by using thicker cable and better components.

Currently, Dalman mostly works alone—it is a full-time commitment—but he acknowledges that as a local Nashville artisan, he is a part of something bigger than himself.  “We are the protagonists of the artisan story that started long ago, before industry and greed took over,” Dalman explains.  “From the ancient water basins created from clay of the earth thousands of years ago to the leather saddles our forefathers built, functional art has been a timeless trend and tested way of life.”  This is precisely the reason that we were intrigued by Dalman Supply Company; because the product is created by hand to be of functional use to the buyer.

Although the inception of Dalman Supply Company was never about the money, business has boomed since the initial lock was created.  Dalman’s bike locks can be found in stores all over the world, from Moscow to Victoria, British Columbia, to New York City, and the list goes on.  Locally, you can find Dalman’s locks at Halcyon Bike Shop in the 12 South neighborhood.  If you can’t find Dalman Supply Company locks in your area, or if you prefer to order with the click of a mouse, head over to Dalman’s Etsy shop!

We love our local artisans because, after all, we know that we all have at least one thing in common: we love Nashville!  Dalman agrees that, “the community, seasons, and personality of the city are a perfect incubator for artisans like me.”  Living in the heart of the Belmont/12 South neighborhood,

Dalman is just a bike ride away from anywhere he wants to go, including Burger Up, his favorite local restaurant.  And with the neighborhood’s countless bike racks, who can blame him for wanting to ride his bike everywhere—and lock it up in style!

We’re so excited to see Dalman Supply Company grow and develop.  At the moment, Dalman has in the works a new website, web store, products, lookbooks, patents, and store relationships.  We encourage you to continue to visit Dalman’s Etsy and website each month, as product offerings will be evolving and growing.

Hopefully Dalman’s stylish, hand-crafted bike locks will encourage you to spend a little more time outdoors this year, we sure are sold on his product and the fresh air we will get while putting it to use.  And who knows, maybe you will pass someone from the Nashville on the Move team as you bike through the city!

Thanks for tuning in to our Local Artisans blog series! Next week: Dan Stephenson of Dan’s Gourmet. | Want to stay connected? Like us on Facebook +  follow us on Twitter and Instagram. And, as always, check out our current homes for sale in the Nashville area.

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