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    Amp Yes! Have you seen those bright green signs in yards around Nashville? If you have and aren’t sure what they are advocating for, keep reading.

    The Amp Coalition is a broad-based group of people who share a common passion – the need to create a transit strategy for the Nashville region that will prepare us for the escalating growth in development, population and traffic. The coalition includes many business leaders who believe The Amp is not only good for the city, but it’s also good for the local economy, helping the region remain competitive in creating jobs and attracting talent. It also includes community leaders and engaged citizens who are passionate about expanding mass transit options in the region. As a unified group, the coalition is very involved in the public discussion about the importance of The Amp and the greater need for a rapid transit solution for Nashville.

    There is no question that Nashville is a great city today, and the coalition stands strong in its belief that it is going to be an even greater city in the future. In order to realize its full potential, however, the city must do something now to address traffic congestion and create a regional rapid transit system – and The Amp is the first step in making that happen. So, if you love Nashville and want to be a part of making it an even better city in the future, please join the coalition today.

    Why should you support The Amp?

    There is no question that Nashville is a city on the rise. According to the Metropolitan Planning Organization, the Nashville region can expect to add nearly 1 million new residents by 2013, causing Davidson Country’s population to increase by 156,000.

    As the city’s population continues to grow, traffic congestion will continue to increase. Making our transportation system as efficient as possible for more people will be one of the most important factors in whether Nashville continues to be a great place to live.

    Transit trends and views are changing. Transit is now an attractive option for a diverse population, including millennials, urban dwellers, the aging population and individuals with disabilities. Last year, Nashvillians took a record 10.5 million trips on mass transit.

    The Amp represents Nashville’s opportunity to help ease future gridlock on the Main Street/Broadway/West End corridor and is the first step in creating a regional transit system. The need for a transit solution on the corridor was identified in the Nashville Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) 2009 Strategic Transit Master Plan. In 2011, MTA initiated an Alternatives Analysis study to review transit options for the Broadway/West End corridor.

    The report concluded that BRT (bus rapid transit) was the best option for the Main Street/Broadway/West End corridor. In 2012, MTA approved the study recommendation. MTA didn’t approve the most expensive and elaborate option, and MTA didn’t go with the cheapest option. MTA approved the option that made the most sense for Nashville.

    Benefits of a BRT system include:

    • Increased capacity and speed with dedicated lanes.
    • BRT requires comparably low infrastructure investments so it has a relatively faster construction timetable.
    • Lower annual operating and maintenance (O&M) cost than other alternatives, including existing bus system.
    • BRT is more flexible, and buses can be temporarily rerouted during emergencies.
    • BRT has a faster average speed (15-30 mph) than regular bus service (5-15 mph).
    • Ridership and economic development estimates along the corridor are similar for BRT and streetcar.

    If you are interested in learning more about the Nashville Amp or wondering how you can lend your support, visit

    What do you think? Are you onboard with us for better public transit here in Nashville? Do you think The Amp is the solution for our increasing traffic situation? Let us know in the comments section below!


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      amp is okay but if your gonna have amp have it in the appropriate place not just west and east Nashville.


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