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Allen Perry’s Top Five Takeaways for Success as an Agent

There is so much more that goes into Real Estate than just simply Buying and Selling Houses.  Allen Perry, multi-award winning Real Estate Agent and Owner of Nashville on the Move started out as an Investor, working his way up to be in the top 1% of Middle Tennessee Real Estate Agents.  Helping others pursue passive income while having a balanced life is something for which he constantly strives.  In a recent interview with Loan Originator Nick Kovar of UMortgage for an Ultra Agent Mastermind Interview, Perry shared some of his experiences and advice for anyone in the industry!  Below are the Top Five Takeaways for Agent Success:

  • Leverage Your Time = This is most important for work-life balance – putting your energy into what is going to best grow you and your career.  Perry stated that as his career started to grow, “Hiring a showing Agent changed my life drastically. I didn’t realize how much of my life was spent showing homes…Hiring people allowed me to leverage my time by focusing on my business, freeing me up to do other things and be with my family.”
  • Be Intentional and Stand Out = Especially in slower Market times, Real Estate can be a frustrating industry. Don’t just Buy to Buy or Sell to Sell, but know what the intended outcome is! For example, Perry’s goal has shifted from Selling a certain number to pursuing more Passive Income and helping others do the same. “People think it is about getting rich, but it is about not having to work so much and spending time the way you want to.  We want to help people do that by being smart and intentional with investing” explains Perry in the interview.
  • Set Expectations for You and Your Clients = Perry expressed that, “It’s funny, we all believe things that aren’t true. For example, we believe our clients only want to work with us…that isn’t true at all. Does the Seller really want you to do the Open House, or do they just expect it because you said you would? It is about setting your expectations and setting your client expectations and sticking to that. Don’t believe things that aren’t true.”
  • Focus on a Different Goal Each Year = It is important to think about one big way to grow your business each year.  Pretty much everyone’s first source of business is their sphere of influence, but what is your second source? Once determined, grow that second source one at a time. Perry gave the example of working at Open Houses, Buying New Construction lots, or focusing on social media. “Get really good at it, then the next year focus on something else…Too many people try to do five things for their second source of business and become mediocre at all of them. It is really important to focus on one thing each year to get really good at and master, and still continue what you had also been doing the year prior.”
  • Constantly Grow Your Sphere of Influence = Networking is key in the industry! Talking and working with other Agents and Lenders can be such a big advantage when making deals in Real Estate. Especially for a new Agent, this can cause the most success, despite being time consuming in the beginning. Continue to reach out to everyone in your sphere of influence. Perry explained that, “You must call at least three times per year, ideally four” in addition to sending emails and mail. This keeps up the relationships and expands your network to continue to grow, not decline.

These are just a few of the many stories that Allen Perry shares in his interview about becoming a successful Realtor and what that is like in today’s Market.  

Click here to view his full interview!

Written by Olivia Williams, Digital Media Marketing Intern

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