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According to Residents | Nashville Rankings Pt. 2

(If you didn’t catch Part One of this blog, visit here.) had a poll this summer, asking its readers to rank 35 U.S. cities on their culture, shopping, restaurants, nightlife and more. The votes have been cast and the results are in! Both visitors and residents of each city were polled. With a population of over 601,000 people, there are a lot of residents that call Nashville home. Here is what they had to say about their hometown:

  • #1 City for an Affordable Getaway
  • #2 City with Affordable Hotels
  • #2 City with Friendly People
  • #3 city for Hamburgers
  • #3 City for Live Music/Concerts and Bands
  • #3 City for Classical Music
  • #4 City to visit in the Fall
  • #4 City for Safety
  • #4 City for great Antique Stores
  • #5 City with Noteworthy Neighborhoods (We agree!)
  • #5 City for People-Watching
  • #6 City for Cleanliness
  • #6 City for Vintage Shops and Flea Markets
  • #6 City for Barbeque
  • #6 City for Business Hotels
  • #7 City for Visit for New Year’s Eve
  • #7 City offering Peace and Quiet
  • #7 City for a Wild Weekend
  • #8 City for Microbrew Beer
  • #8 City for Cocktail Hours
  • #8 City for Stylish Residents
  • #8 City for great Farmer’s Markets
  • #9 City for its Historical Sites and Monuments
  • #9 City for Specialty Coffee
  • #9 City for Theater and Performance Arts

…Whew! Nashville has so much to offer and clearly the cities residents can’t help but boast about how great they think this city is! For places to visit in each of those categories, head over to this page for suggestions on some of our favorite places that Nashville has to offer.

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