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Monthly Archives: June 2016

    Peachy Keen!

    By Brittney Darby | June 28, 2016

    Calling all peach lovers!! (That’s everyone right?)  We all love the 12th South Farmer’s market for its array of home-grown produce, local honey booth and baked goods galore! Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, they add a Peach Festival!  . Come out and enjoy a variety of contests, T-shirts and activities for... Read More

    Is Nashville the new “it city”?

    By Brittney Darby | June 24, 2016

    According to Forbes, Nashville, TN  holds the number 8 spot in the top 10 cities Americans are moving to.  I’m not surprised! Whether you’re coming here to pursue your dream of becoming the next big country music sensation or you’re a young business professional looking to expand your career in the big city, Nashville has... Read More

    Shineworthy Tea

    By Brittney Darby | June 20, 2016

    If you are a tea lover and live in the Nashville area, you are in luck! Shineworthy Tea offers the highest quality and most flavorful teas directly from growers around the world.  “Our teas come from single-estates and have been harvested using traditional techniques, as well as blends enhanced with fruits, flowers, spices, natural flavors... Read More

    Greenway Lover!

    By Brittney Darby | June 17, 2016

    If you love Nashville Greenways as much as I do, you will love the newest Nashville project.  “Metro Nashville is seeking $30 million in federal funds for an ambitious $40.2 million proposal to build a new elevated greenway for pedestrians and cyclists on an approximately seven-mile stretch of Interstate 440.”  This new Greenway is unlike any... Read More

    Festivals Galore!

    By Brittney Darby | June 15, 2016

    We know that when it comes to inexpensive Nashville fun, there are thousands of blogs, facebook groups and twitter accounts to help you plan your weekend, BUT you can never go wrong with The Tennessean.  They have taken all the hard work out of planning your summer activities.  From the East Nashville Tomato Fest to... Read More

    Live Here. Eat Here.

    By Brittney Darby | June 13, 2016

    If you have lived in Nashville for any amount of time, you know that it is absolutely impossible to keep up with the array of restaurants that are popping up all over town.  I am a creature of habit and it’s not because I don’t want to be adventurous with fine dining and adventurous cuisine. ... Read More

    International Playhouses at Cheekwood

    By Brittney Darby | June 10, 2016

    When you hear the name, Cheekwood, you typically think of the beautiful botanical gardens that cover the grounds each year.   This summer they are offering an amazing exhibit that will fascinate all of its visitors! Come see the International Playhouses, inspired by world wide exploration, from now until September 4th.  “The Cheek family spent many... Read More

    Growing up in Nashville!

    By Brittney Darby | June 8, 2016

    If you are a parent or guardian of young children in Nashville, you know that the options for entertainment are endless.  With over 108 parks in Davidson County alone, and more libraries and book stores than you can count, the choices for kids can be a bit overwhelming.  Luckily, we have found a wonderful website... Read More

    Why Crieve Hall?

    By Brittney Darby | June 6, 2016

    When you are in a city that is growing as fast as Nashville, you quickly learn all of the neighborhoods and why people seem to be flocking to them.  For Crieve Hall, one word is frequently repeated, schools!  How do we know if the schools really live up to the hype?  Check out and... Read More

    Dogs=Man’s Best Friend

    By Brittney Darby | June 3, 2016

    Nashville has to be one of the most animal friendly cities that I’ve ever seen.  From boutique dog groomers to organic treats made just for your pup, this city loves its pets as much as its people.   We love to keep up with the latest pet trends and Nashville Lifestyle helps us do just that. ... Read More

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