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Now is the Time to Sell Your Home | Middle TN Real Estate

Guys… If you are even considering selling your home in the next 12 months, or not, NOW is the time to sell!


The 2012 Real Estate Market is Booming! | Nashville Real Estate

June 1st is here which marks half of 2012 that has come and gone! It has been a busy year for the Nashville real estate market, booming with success and strengthening month by month. Learn more today on the blog!


Business is Good! | Nashville Business

The Nashville Chamber of Commerce recently revealed a new campaign to remind Nashvillian’s about the strength of the Nashville economy using the tagline, “Business is Good!”

Deal Delivery

Deal Delivery | Nashville Foreclosures

Check out Nashville’s greatest foreclosure deals!


Happy Fall Yall! | Nashville October Events

The Fall has arrived and Nashville is bursting at the seams with fun things to do!


According to Residents | Nashville Rankings Pt. 2

And now… check out where Nashville ranks in the Top Ten according to the people who know it best, the locals!


Nashville | Investing in Real Estate

Nashville is the City to invest. While, real estate investment is a big commitment, it is a great way to grow way to invest your money.


September Nashville Events

September is here! Fall events are taking off, with football, festivals and concerts, you are sure to stay busy and “Nashville” this month.

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Top 10 real estate markets | Nashville ranked #2

Nashville is the market to be in for renters and investors. Among Boston, Atlanta, and Chicago, our own Nashville, TN is named as a top ten real estate college town.


Nashville Real Estate Market

Here is an update on how the Nashville Real Estate Market is doing this year. From January to August, Nashville real estate seems to be on the rise!